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Michael is a proven speaker with the ability to connect with audiences for high impact messages.  He speaks on a wide range of topics but brings his signature passion and humor to each.

  • Keynote Speeches: Problem Solving, Leadership, Work Life Balance, Employee Engagement
  • Motivational Speaking: Overcoming Adversity, Work Life Balance, Taking Action Towards Purpose
  • Professional Development Workshops: Six Sigma, Creating Innovation, Quality Tools, Leadership
  • Leadership Roundtables
  • College Events
  • Webinars
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My first keynote speech for the MAPPS Conference in Charleston, SC July 25th, 2018.
View from the stage of my first keynote speech. The MAPPS conference crowd was awesome!

On behalf of MAPPS, the national non-profit association of private-sector firms engaged in all aspects of the geospatial community, I would like to personally thank you for the fantastic keynote address that you recently gave at our annual Summer Conference at the Belmond Theater in Charleston, South Carolina. Your insight on The Evolution of Innovation was rich in practical wisdom that our members could use while developing their business growth scenarios and strategic planning.
The comments I received from participants clearly demonstrated that your genuine presentation style allowed your keynote concerning change and break-through innovation to be delivered without any barriers. Others simply enjoyed the relevant humor and personal stories related to the theme which added to the effectiveness of your message.

Brian R. Raber, CMS, GISP, GLS
MAPPS President