SUCCESSFUL Storytelling

My SUCCESSFUL Storytelling Workshop
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TEDxClemsonU Audience getting ready to hear The Cure For Lazy Leadership from Michael Arnold
TEDxGreenville at Zen in Greenville, SC

Listen to Michael…

TEDxGreenville Open Mic Audition

Michael created new goals in 2017 which included giving his first TEDx Talk. He auditioned for TEDxGreenville in September and earned his spot to share his idea worth spreading. Check it out.

TEDxGreenville April 6th 2018

Michael is passionate about finding problems and coming up with innovative solutions to solve them.  He recently gave a TEDx talk were he described the issues we are facing and a proposal to teach problem solving and innovation to our kids starting in Kindergarten and continuing through high school. Research supports that this approach will work but it requires the US to think differently about our education system which is quickly falling down in world rankings. Innovation leads to new and better products which leads to increased profits which in turn generates more jobs and improves our ability to be a world leader. If things do not change now we will quickly fall behind China and India or…

TEDxGreenville audience April 6th, 2018