Standing up to the Bully!

Workplace rudeness is on the rise. Georgetown professor Christine Porath has spent twenty years studying what happens when employees feel disrespected — and it’s not good for business. In a recent poll, 66% of disrespected workers said their performance declined, and 78% said they were less committed to the organization. Bad workplace behavior appears to be a growing trend; the number of employees reporting rude treatment at least once a month rose from 55% in 2011 to 62% last year. But managers can do a lot to turn things around: 92% of employees who felt respected by their leader said they were more focused and 89% were happier at work.
When I recently auditioned for #TEDxGreenville I talked about teaching kids better problem solving but Alisha Taylor spoke about being bullied at work and how the bully was ignored but she was let go in a layoff. Often the bully’s get stuff done and are rewarded for being efficient or effective but at the expense of others. Now we see movements to correct this in our schools but the kids learn it from somewhere could it be their parents. We tell kids to stand up to a bully but in the workplace that appears not to work. What do you do to stop the bullying in your workplace? Speak up and let us know.

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