Unleash the Rebels!

Many companies still operate under the Industrial Revolution model of a hierarchal management structure. The military has done the same but times are a changing even in the US Army. The US Army has realized that insurgents don’t follow a battle plan and that a plan doesn’t survive the enemy of today. The solution they now follow is Commander’s Intent. A plan is still developed and resources assigned to implement it, but the leaders in the field can modify the plans based on the enemy’s activities. As long as the Commander’s Intent is still followed, such as take that area and defend it until additional resources arrive to control the entire area. Companies need to develop a similar strategy. Provide a plan and a goal but allow the people they have hired the freedom to improvise based on the problems that occur. Often disengagement comes from employees waiting for the next instructions because a problem occurs and the plan won’t work and it is no longer their job to complete the task. Commander’s Intent provides the Do Whatever It Takes attitude to continue and reach the goal. The successful companies of today will provide their employees the freedom to modify the plan if the goal is still reached. Unleash the Rebels!

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