Welcome to the Disengaged.

I read an article, there are just as many jobs as unemployed, but companies can’t fill their positions. Are the unemployed disengaged? We are definitely seeing it from the employed. OfficeVibe reports that 51% of workers are looking to leave their current job and only 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged at work, that is a global problem. What’s the problem? Imagine your boss asks you to paint a wall. You think I’m going to do a beautiful mural, I will show what a GRT artist I am. So you stay late and paint a wall that would make Leonardo proud. Your boss comes in and you point out the wall proudly. Their reaction? That’s nice but I wanted it painted red. So, now your hard work was for naught and you still have a wall to paint, again. So, you paint the wall red, covering your beautiful work. The next day the boss walks by and says the wall looks good but a different shade of red or maybe a picture would make it look better. Your reaction? Whatever! Get somebody else to do it or just do it yourself. A month later, your boss comes and says he has another wall that needs painted. Are you engaged to make sure it looks good? Or to paint it at all? Will you only do exactly what he tells you and nothing more, welcome to the 87% of disengaged.

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